8 Ways to Stress-Proof your Day

It’s a matter of putting in a little effort into getting what you want. If your goal is stress reduction, you should to follow below mentioned stress management tips:

  1. Re-label a negative experience in your head. Say you leave your headphones in the car when you go to the gym. Interpret the return trip to the car not as a nuisance but as a chance to warm up before you even get on the treadmill.
  2. Give to someone else. Studies show that doing something nice for others can make you calmer and happier.
  3. List doable goals for the week and aim to achieve one every day This helps you to keep account of achievements. .
  4. Build up your social support. Research methodology using brain scans indicate that, emotional pain is manifested as physical pain too. Social support helps slow this circuitry down a lot. . This is probably why you instantly feel better after sharing your feelings and thoughts with friends.
  5. Make note of the good experiences you have each day, no matter how small they may be. Notice at least one good thing you experience each day. Then make it “real” by telling someone about it or writing it down. The event can be as small as getting to work on time.
  6. Meditate at least for 15 minutes/day. It has been scientifically proved that meditation has the power to alter the brain by increasing the level of gray matter in areas connected with emotion responses. Also, it diminishes activity in the amygdale, the almond-shaped mass of nuclei associated with autonomic fear responses and emotional responses.
  7. Get enough shut-eye. Poor sleep can cause stress hormones to peak and this can lead to imbalances.
  8. There is no denying that regular exercise is one the best stress relievers. Exercise releases the feel-good hormone, endorphin and increases the growth of new brain cells. Try to fit in at least a hundred and fifty minutes of mild to moderately-intense exercises for a week. You can make it more fun by mixing different exercise styles or working out with your partner or friends.

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