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Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program

Recent trends indicate that many corporate organizations are showing a great deal of interest in their employees’ wellbeing. Because, the old saying, “A healthy employee is a happy employee” has now been tweaked. Organizations have now come to the realization that, a healthy employee is not only happy, but also more productive.

Most preventable and treatable health risks that eventually blow up into chronic diseases can be owed to unhealthy lifestyle choices and occupational health hazards. Over a period, these unexpected outcomes can end up costing organizations a huge amount of money in terms of lost productivity. This justifies why workplace wellness is such a hot topic among employers right now.

Employers have begun to view workplace wellness in tandem with decreased medical costs, decreased insurance premiums, decreased absenteeism, and productivity. Today, as working communities prioritize quality improvement, interest in workplace wellness is finally becoming stronger than ever. That is why companies are using the services of several leading experts for the initiation and management of workplace wellness programs.

Truworth Wellness, India’s first wellness organization offers well-integrated programs for health and wellness that are not just comprehensive, diverse, and unique in structure, but also thrive on business strategy. Our programs are tailor-made to suit employer and employee needs.

Employee Wellness Program

Our tools and services help reduce common workplace-related health hazards by creating an office environment centered on wellness. We make sure that our customized wellness programs reflect your office culture by blending seamlessly into your organizational climate.

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