10 Secrets For New Year Resolution Success

While New Year’s Resolutions are often well-intentioned, the sad truth is that they usually fall out of focus. Have you been there before? We certainly have. So what’s a more actionable way to meet your goals every month? Mix it up and have a clear objective month by month, rather than for the year overall.

A timeless mantra for us is “I am strong.” Do you need some strength in your life? Are you hoping to feel more empowered, more in control, and more self-loving? Take a look at the 12 ways we’re instilling this positive affirmation and living our strongest lives yet in 2018. You can mix up the months and customize your schedule and even fill in things that make YOU feel strong in particular.

Each day of 2018, make it your goal to say, “I am strong” and live your life accordingly. These 12 unique monthly challenges will help you remember the end goal: self-love and a happier, better life.

10 secrets for New Year resolution success

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