3 Reasons To Stop Eating At Desk Right Away

3 Reasons Not to Eat at Your Desk

We all understand that eating at the desk isn’t really good for us, but we still keep on doing it, anyway. In spite of the growing number of employee wellness programs out there, the majority of us can’t resist staying back at our desks to get a few additional emails out at lunch.

Staying at the desk for the entire day can actually reduce your productivity and boost stress levels. Moreover, sitting for a long time interval can ground a whole host of issues related to health such as back pain, increase risk of heart disease and leg disorders. hence, we must all practice following an active lifestyle and stop eating at the desk.

Reason #1: You’ll End Up Living A Sedentary Lifestyle

If nothing else in the entire workday at least getting up from your desk to have a good lunch motivates you to move. Sitting for prolonged periods is really very unhealthy.

Reason #2: You’ll Miss On An Opportunity To Decompress

We generally think we’re being extra productive when we sit at our desk and power through lunch, but the fact is it leads to fatigue and eventually we end up hurting our productivity in the long go. Also, eating at desk isolates you from interacting with your coworkers.

Reason #3: You’ll End Up Feeling Fatigue

If you eat at the desk, you’ll end up sitting after eating which is certainly not good for your health. After having food, our body requires movement in order to digest food and if you keep on sitting at the desk you’ll end up feeling fatigued throughout the day.

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