3 Things You Must Know About Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness is gaining a lot of popularity among employees and employers by every passing year. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon each day. While some companies go all in and offer wacky wellness perks and build strategize for employee health, others do wellness on a comparatively smaller scale and only provide some bare necessities.

The extent to which different companies conduct employee wellness falls on a wide spectrum, and that’s absolutely fine. What’s most important is that your company thinking about employee health and moreover recognizing the role that wellness can play among your workforce.

Whether new to the game or seasoned, small or large, complex or simple, every wellness program plays its role in the strides being made toward a happier and healthier corporate environment. No matter where your wellness program stands, there are three things you must know about employee wellness.

There’s No “Right Way”

There really is no “one definition” to a wellness program. Employee wellness programs are different at different companies, and that’s a really good thing. Wellness must be tailored and build relevant to your employees—not the other way around.

A lot of companies opt for preventative services like health fairs and biometric screenings while others choose to go ahead with specific issues like physical activity or smoking cessation. All of these are excellent options in building a wellness program relevant to the requirement of your workforce.

They’re Super Easy

There is a range of resources accessible to make wellness a super easy task to manage. In fact, a lot of companies don’t even encompass one specific position nominated for managing their wellness program. The reason is, that wellness programs can easily be managed by a committee, or even combined with similar HR duties.

The wellness program must not cause extra stress—that would, in reality, defeat the intention and offset your focus on wellbeing and health. With a lot of credible health information online, and the emergence of different companies dedicated to employee health, wellness programs are much simpler to manage than ever before.

Wellness Programs & Tech Trend Go Hand In Hand

Technology is dynamic. Every day new trends hit the market. Employee wellness programs have also worked hard to match the pace of changing technology. Several programs have integrated with online platforms that allow employees to access their health information at any time.

Other programs make use of common technology tools to help track and collect wellness data. A growing trend is to make wellness work with wearables. This allows employees in tracking their activity with different devices such as Fitbit or the Apple Watch; with this employees can even earn points for the progress they make as well as achieve the incentives that are being offered by the program.

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