Amazon 1492: A Secret Team Working On Health Care Projects

A CNBC report connects numerous threads that apparently lead to an Amazon stealth team working on projects related to health care. Dubbed 1492, after the year Columbus discovered America.

Other Sources familiar with the matter shared with CNBC that 1492 is researching new opportunities in health-related software and hardware, developing projects such as electronic medical records and remotely delivered medical treatment.

The report further says that the team is hiring for positions that are searchable on Amazon by the keyword “a1.492.”  Amazon’s jobs portal clearly mentions that these positions are for “Special Projects.”

Last fall, CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned that Alexa team is also working on healthcare applications for Amazon devices like the Echo and Dash Wand. And Echo devices could be a tool for both patients and providers.

The team 1492 is functioning at Amazon headquarters in Seattle and stands to benefit from the region’s wide array of healthcare tech talent. The team also has the potential to compete with healthcare innovators and local biotech companies, like Accolade, that helps patients navigate the complex healthcare system.

As AI services and machine learning expand, big names in tech are building ways to grab the immense health care market, and Amazon could be poised to do that via Echo hardware backed by Alexa. If Amazon makes an earnest play for healthcare innovation, it could have huge consequences for the industry.

 Source: CNBC

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