Arts at Work: Cultivate Creativity, Encourage Well-Being

Arts at Work: Cultivate Creativity, Encourage Well-Being

Arts at Work

From photography, piano playing, painting, to singing, scrapbooking and sewing, participating in the arts offers an undeniable well-being boost.  There are a lot of benefits of participating in performing, visual, literary, and creative arts and chances are many in your workplace already enjoy these outlets for self-expression. Studies confirm that there are various benefits of participating in arts at work program then why not promote them as a part of your employee wellness program.

  • Small acts of creativity appear enhances the overall well-being of an individual.
  • Visual art production is linked with psychological resilience and greater brain connectivity
  • Music reduces anxiety, promotes relaxation, as well as calms emotional and physiological stress

Learning artistic skills fosters enjoyment, confidence, as well as problem-solving skills. Dancing, drawing, woodworking, and other forms of art give people a way to process and express feelings that are difficult to put into words-from profound happiness to pain and grief. Getting engaged in arts is also an outstanding way to practice mindfulness; when you’re writing a poem, playing guitar or crafting a quilt, your focus can’t help but be right there, at the moment.

7 Ways to Bring the Arts at Work

Happy, healthy and creative employees drive excellent business. Let your population flourish by integrating the different art forms into your workplace wellness program:

  1. Conduct art show or promote a rotating exhibit of artwork created by the employees.
  2. Promote group volunteer opportunities related to arts such as writer’s workshops, dance classes, singing at office and photography contests, etc.
  3. Encourage employee poetry reading during after-hours or lunch.
  4. Design an art corner with supplies for employees to encourage creative thinking and expression.
  5. Put instruments like guitar or a piano or in the break room.
  6. Offer employees discounted tickets for museums, local theaters, choir performances, and symphony.
  7. Welcome local artists to offer lessons, tips, or resources to the employees.

Art, in all its forms, is an indelible expression of the individual experience. Weaving it into the fabric of work culture is an amazing way to lift the spirit of employees and foster well-being in your organization.