Building Engagement In Your Wellness Programs

Engagement has always been a complicated matter when it comes to wellness program design. Employees usually consider their wellness program as a mandate imposed on them by their superiors as a tool to increase productivity. What most of these wellness programs fail to answer is “Why should an employee use this program?” If the employees only see a wellness program as a way of increasing their productivity, their engagement will be superficial. They will simply participate in the wellness program because their company imposed it on them. However, for an employee wellness program to be successful users have to show a sustained engagement.
The current state of Workplace Wellness includes companies that offer occasional health checks and informational resources to spread awareness about healthy living. However, these offerings fail to motivate employees and hence engage them to actually develop a healthy lifestyle.

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We all like to be rewarded for our actions – it gives us a sense of satisfaction that enables us to keep performing reward-worthy tasks. This gamification concept is the number one solution to boost engagement in any kind of program. For instance, even successful loyalty programs have a gamified platform where they reward buyers for shopping. Truworth Wellness has incorporated this concept of gamification in its comprehensive wellness platform. It helps users earn reward points for completing every single task, whether it is logging in daily, tracking their vitals, reading articles, or exercising every day. They can later redeem those points for exciting prizes.

Furthermore, for a gamification strategy to be successful, it is crucial to identify the sources of motivation and correct procedures to engage people. Wellness programs will be more exciting if, in addition to rewards, users are given a way of sharing their achievements with their peers. We provide an inbuilt social network where people can share their accomplishments with their friends and colleagues. Users would not only be able to support their friends but also get motivated to perform healthy actions.

Just like diseases, healthy behaviors are contagious too. We are more likely to exercise when we see our friends exercise. This creates a long-lasting user engagement as employees have a sense of inherent motivation to participate in a wellness program. Truworth Wellness ensures that employees participate in the program to keep themselves healthy and happy instead of simply increasing their productivity.

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