Desk Plant To Improve Employee Wellbeing

Desk Plant

The physical workspace that you live in is more important to your health than you can imagine! Employees spend nearly 40 hours during the entire week at their desks, and this is the reason why a healthy workspace is important as it not only adds to your work performance but also takes care of your physical and mental health. The easiest ways you can make your workspace more enjoyable and a  little healthier is by adding a plant. Also, various research has shown that a plant at your work desk, helps to boost your wellbeing and keep you happy at work.

Wellness Benefits of Office Plants:

Stress Relief

Employee deals with some or the other kind of stress in the office environment –this is the reason why workplace stress is such a growing issue in today’s society. Keeping a plant at your work desk can help reduce work stress to some extent and improve your mental wellbeing. Taking care of the plant is a relaxing hobby, moreover, adding a bit of greenery to the workspace has shown to help fight anxiety.

Air Quality

We all know that plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They also help in improving the quality of the air we breathe by removing harmful chemicals from the air – like benzene and formaldehyde. Breathing in cleaner air and more oxygen every workday will help keep you healthy and energized.


Everyone needs some help getting their creative juices flowing every once in a while. Having a desk plant can do just that! The science behind this finding suggests that the color green is responsible for the boost in creativity. The color green sparks creativity because it reminds us of nature – which is stimulating to the mind.


Indoor plants promote happiness and can have a positive impact on your mood. Images of nature have been scientifically proven to help relax and stabilize your mood. When you’re in a better mood at work, you’ll feel mentally healthy and ready to tackle the day.

Productivity & Work Performance

Want to feel a bit more productive at work? Bring in a plant! Studies have found that seeing plants in your work space helps you stay focused and energized, which allows you to accomplish more and feel more productive.

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