Drinking Water For Workplace Success

Drinking Water For Workplace Success

There’s no surprise to the fact that the majority of our time is spent in the workplace, mostly at our desk. And when we talk about our health we don’t usually take it on a  priority, especially at work while we’re busy making projects at our computer or moving from meeting to another. Getting through our regular workload always stays at the forefront of our mind.

Drinking water in the workplace is critical for both mental wellness and productivity. Even slight dehydration can result in employees suffering a loss of visual perception, reasoning ability, and mathematical skills. An individual on an average spends approximately 60% of his or her time at work. For a lot of people, the majority of these hours will be exhausted looking at a computer screen and executing complex tasks. These activities require focused concentration and attention.

Dehydration at the workplace is very common because there is a high consumption of caffeine. Employees often take constant cups of coffee and tea throughout the workday. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, meaning that employees who drink multiple cups of tea or coffee throughout the workday are at increased chances of the effects of dehydration. Also, they risk suffering from migraines, fatigue, and general bad health if any lost water is not substituted.

Employees must drink 100-200ml of water at regular intervals during the day. Roughly about eight to nine full glasses of water throughout the day is good for keeping safe from workplace dehydration. Employees tend to lose about this much through normal perspiration and it is essential to replace the lost water. Workplaces are required to provide employees with a constant supply of fresh drinking water. Ideally, this supply must be easily dispensed as well as easily available for the entire workforce.

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