Why Employee Assistance Program is new ‘should go for’?

It’s a world of constant motion for most, changing lifestyles, dynamic workspaces, surging competition, and a persistently interactive world compels an individual to be on their toes, most of the time, with stress becoming the new normal. It is imperative to balance all facets for living a productive and healthy life, and any soul that fails to do so; requires a course correction and EAP assists in just that.

Employee Assistance Program Counselling

An employee assistance program is a confidential workplace service that aids employees in dealing with their stress matters. Paid for by employers, EAP is an employee benefits scheme, assisting in dealing with issues like family matters, health-related or financial concerns, workspace conflicts, legal affairs, etc.

Enumerated below are some of the features of an employee assistance program

What Is An EAP?

An EAP is a sort of workplace wellness program to benefit employees. It assists individuals in dealing with work-related or personal issues that might impact their job performance or general well-being. EAPs offer short term counselling, assessments, referrals, and follow-ups for employees and their family members, depending upon the gravity of the situation. The services offered are confidential, and paid for, by the employers.

How Does It Work?

An individual can contact the EAP professional, through the helpline number, to seek guidance on matters like-

  • Substance Abuse– if the employee or anyone in the family is going through it, including teenagers’ drug usage prevention.
  • Financial Woes– how to evade debt or bankruptcy, matters related to credit card usage, etc.
  • Legal Issues– problems related to personal life or other legal concerns.
  • Occupational Stress– workplace pressure involving unexpected responsibilities, problems related to bullying, or incoherent relationships with co-workers, etc.
  • Healthcare Matters– cope better with health-related problems for the employee or their immediate family.
  • Relationship and personal problems.
  • Major Events Of Life– dealing with incidents like death/accidents, etc.

Benefits of EAP

Stress, substance abuse, legal matters, workplace difficulties, health issues, etc. can lead to numerous problems like decreased productivity, absenteeism, presentism, and higher health care costs, etc. An EAP assists in addressing your issues and tends to your physical and cognitive health.

  • Prompt Assistance– Employees have access to the counsellors directly, on an immediate basis, via a helpline number.
  • Confidentiality– Employees can appreciate the fact that they have resources, at their disposal, to discuss sensitive issues in complete confidence.
  • A Benefit to Employers– Every dollar spent on an employee has reaped an ROI of $3, citing its benefits.
  • Increased Productivity– Employees can work with greater efficiency due to the timely redressal of their issues.
  • Timely Issue Redressal– It might lead to medical interference at the right time, working as a preventive health checkup.

You must know the key facts on the employee assistance program.


Truworth Wellness believes in a workspace nurtured with inclusivity, trust, and laughter. We believe, fulfilled souls make for a peaceful atmosphere, and consequently a pleasant world, for all of us. Help us nourish your surroundings too, with our experts on EAP.

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