Employee Engagement Challenges you might be Facing at your Workplace

“A disengaged workforce proves to be detrimental in all aspects such as lowered productivity, high employee turnover, absenteeism, reduced work morale, etc.”

Human resources are one of the most significant factors of any organization owing to its dynamic nature. In today’s severe competition, it takes a lot to stay afloat for any firm, and one component that might make a world of difference is employee engagement. Companies invest a lot in employee recruitment and training. A disengaged workforce proves to be detrimental in all aspects such as lowered productivity, high employee turnover, absenteeism, reduced work morale, etc. You must read the ways to identify disengaged employees in the workplace.

According to a report by Bersin, (predictions for 2017), the concept of employee engagement, and work culture will continue to be top priorities for the organizations. See the complete report here

According to the Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2017, human capital is 1 of the 6 most pressing and critical issues faced globally across industries and regions.

Employee engagement is not a standalone concept, some here and there perks and benefits, but a constant process encompassing job satisfaction, work commitment, and overall productivity.

Employee Engagement Challenges

Here we list a few common employee engagement challenges and the ways to overcome them

Lack of clarity

The first barrier that presents itself is the lack of clarity amongst the staff and the management. People associate engagement with all sorts of concepts like job satisfaction, happiness, high employee morale, etc. but it is all this and much more. An engaged workforce is satisfied with their jobs with high productivity and loyalty to the organization. They are attached to their place of work and their job recommending other people as well.
Educate the management and workforce about the concept of employee engagement and what it constitutes through measures like training sessions, seminars, group discussions, etc.

Lack of insight or commitment from the top management

There goes a lot in keeping a business afloat, and it might become difficult to prioritize concepts like employee engagement over other more tangible issues. It requires a lot of groundwork to keep the communication reliant and constant between different hierarchical levels, and the infrastructure required might not be in place.

Align the leadership around a unified business strategy keeping in mind employee engagement and the
importance of positive workplace culture.


More often than not, employers try a one-size-fits-all approach for their employees, which might not work for everyone on a similar level. Different things engage different people, for example, it could be anything from autonomy or variation in their scope of work to flexibility in their work schedule.

Decipher the strengths and requirements of your employees based on their preferences and work accordingly.

Lack of work-life balance

A lot of organizations do not pay heed to the concept of work-life balance, expecting employees to place their work first, in most cases. A healthy work-life balance is imperative to let employees work with their utmost productivity. Perks like on-site gyms, flexible work hours, offsite work, etc., work tremendously in making employees feel that they are cared for by the management, and as we all know, a content workforce and a satisfying work culture make for a prospering business.

Growth and recognition

Lack of appreciation is one of the principal reasons for employees quitting from their jobs. A culture that doesn’t promote recognition and rewards alienates the workforce disregarding one of the most fundamental needs of social recognition. Employees also tend to leave the workplace that stifles their growth, with the same monotonous line of work. A work culture promoting recognition and rewards with a continual learning phase appeals well to everyone, consequently leading to an engaged workforce.

An engaged workforce and a sound work culture work as a secret recipe for the success of any business. Let Truworth Wellness assist in making yours with our line of wellness experts.

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