Fit India Movement – Let’s Move toward Getting Fitter

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke.

Fitness is not a word; it’s a lifestyle. It’s your everyday commitment to a fit body, and mind. On this national sports day, a great initiative called the “fit India movement”,  launched by the honourable prime minister of India. In his call to celebrate the sports day, he urged every Indian to incorporate fitness and sports in their day-to-day life.

Fitness is a comprehensive approach, your body’s ability to perform in multiple facets. After all, it isn’t fitness if you can lift 100 pounds in the gym, but unable to drag someone a couple of floors from a burning building.

Let's Move toward Getting Fitter


So, how do you know you are fit?

Test yourself through the pushup test. Fitness Category for the pushup by age and sex, by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)-

Fitness Test by Age and Sex

You can also try a simple exercise at home or work, called the sit-to-stand test, to know of your fitness level.

Sit cross-legged and see if you can get up without any external support and that includes not taking the help of your hands.

A few signs that might show you that you are probably fitter than you think you are, as per the study was done here.

  • You find yourself standing for most of the day.
  • You are mentally alert at work.
  • You are up and about faster than others.
  • It’s healthy snacking majorly for you.
  • Basic fitness activities are a piece of cake.
  • You are more of a stairs person.
  • Work out is not a compulsion but rather something you enjoy.
  • You can balance your body.

Lifestyle habits that will keep you fit

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Follow a healthy morning routine (like healthy breakfast, make your bed, etc.)
  • Lower your sugar intake.
  • Follow a diet that’s heavy on the greens.
  • Try meditation or yoga to relieve stress.
  • Consume water adequately.
  • Walk more.
  • Be amidst nature.
  • Involve some form of activity in your daily regimen.

Things you can do to stay fit and active at work

  • Drink water adequately.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take short walk breaks, including lunchtime.
  • Track your steps. Keep aiming higher.
  • Ditch office pantry for healthier snacking.
  • Stretch your body at regular intervals.
  • Try walking to your colleagues’ desk instead of emailing.


Reasons you should encourage fitness at your workplace

As per the Business site, here are the reasons to promote fitness in your workplace:

  • It reduces absenteeism and presentism.
  • It cuts healthcare costs for employers.
  • Employees stay motivated and stress-free.
  • It enhances your cognitive abilities.
  • It lowers the employee attrition rate and keeps them motivated.
  • It improves the overall productivity of the employees.

Fitness isn’t that you focus on one day, or get in one day. It’s an everyday commitment just like you commit to other everyday chores. And the rewards are multifold; for both yourself and everybody around. If you seek overall fitness, consider all facets like stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance, accuracy, coordination, etc., for your overall health.

Truworth Wellness commends the honourable prime minister for this great initiative and strives for a fit India. After all, it’s healthy people that will make into a hale and hearty workforce and a strong economy, eventually.

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