The Underrated Value of Fun At Workplace

Fun At Workplace

Various studies indicate that when people have fun at office they tend to become more  creative, engaged, as well as productive. Fun at workplace must be appropriate and yet rejuvenate employees to go back to work with renewed energy.

Every employee enjoys being social and fun at work helps in fulfilling this. At the time of fun activities, employees get to interact with one another as well as develop closer bonds that further help them to perform better as a team because social interaction breaks down barriers of communication among employees. Fun at work also works as a creative outlet and takes away everyday boredom caused due to routine activities.

Fun at workplace can be conducted in various forms. It can either be an icebreaker activity before the start of a seminar or a competitive event where various departments form teams and compete against one another or any other sport. All these events and activities make employees unconsciously learn how to work together as a team. Also, these activities make employees develop a friendly bond and many a time this helps to ease conflicts or misunderstandings between employees.

Employers need to understand that fun at workplace is an important factor for motivating employees and recognizing them more than mere workers. This also works as an effective tool for managing employee retention. A lot of employers’ however fail to make the connection between productivity and fun and lose their best employees in the bargain. This is the reason why it is important for employers to participate in fun activities as well. Only employee participation cannot be considered enough. When employees see their managers truly enjoying themselves they will join the activity automatically. After all, a fun activity should never be something that an employee is obliged to be a part of. Moreover, it should be something an employee genuinely enjoys.

You can host the following activities to make your work environment more fun.

1.  New dress code

Might be a dress up day or a dress down day or maybe a crazy hat day. Go with your imagination!

2. A talent show

There are various hidden talents among employees which we are rarely aware of. Try to bring these talents out!!

3. An art gallery

A lot of employees are incredibly talented in photography, writing, art etc. Showcase their talent in at workplace and celebrate the creativity so that it is cherished rather than missed.

4. A karaoke afternoon

This is going to be a fun event where everybody would enjoy while singing their heart out!! Guaranteed to create a lot of laughter.

5. Add a twist with personalization

A lot of offices lack personalization. Ask employees to decorate their workstations and bay. Make it a shared adventure to add some colour and personalization to your work environment.

6. Create fun rituals

Find different ways to celebrate success honor and hard work by incorporating fun rituals like a “happy dance” or “high fives”.

7. Games!

We all love to play games!! Add some interesting indoor and outdoor games for your employees to cherish. Games build team spirit and sportsmanship and helps in fighting stress.

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