How can HR Make an Impactful Interaction with Employees?

Ways HR can make an Impactful Connection with Employees

No matter where you are from, human psychology works similarly everywhere. There are some basic needs everyone needs to be fulfilled to live a fulfilling life, and one of them is social bonding and interaction. Imagine going to a workplace too formally structured in its work culture, would you feel the zest, and inclination towards spending most of the day in such an environment?

Organizations invest a lot in hiring and training candidates, and rightly so, no one looks forward to a high turnover rate. According to researches, lack of appreciation is one of the primary reasons for employees quitting from their jobs, contrary to popular belief, that it would be something involving monetary benefits.

In this article, we outline how as an HR manager, you can contribute towards sustaining one of the most vital assets of an organization, its human resources.

Ways to connect with your team

Communication is the key

One of the most fundamental things in running a successful organization, communication works as a great tool to help you know your team better. A healthy open communication channel goes a long way in making your team feel that they cared for as people, too, and not just as employees of the company. It will help you solicit ideas and feedback, and make them feel more accountable to the organization by being a part of the broader picture. Organize potlucks, one-on-one sessions, and group brainstorming gatherings, etc., for a fun interactive session.

Recognition and appreciation

Small gestures like celebrating their special occasions, a thank you note for thoughtful inputs, a warm nod of acknowledgement, and gifts as an appreciation of their hard work, etc. can go a long way in garnering absolute loyalty and accountability from your employees as it makes them feel central and essential to the organization.

Help them grow

Help your employees realize their inclinations and motivation both in personal and professional life. Knowing what drives them will help you a long way in apprehending their strengths and working accordingly. When you take a genuine interest in the likes and dislikes of your employees and assist them in reaching their goals beyond work, too, it creates a foundation for a lasting relationship forging a loyal tribe for the company. You can also consider running apprenticeship programs for the employees to make them globally competitive.

Be available for more than a “How are you?”

A simple periodic greeting, here and there, like a how are you will not lead to the rapport needed to build the strong foundation of loyalty and accountability. You have to dig deeper to know your team’s interests and inclinations. You can set the stage for open communication by being transparent yourself. Make them feel comfortable and at ease by sharing your interests. Connect with your team on a personal level by giving them time when needed, when this happens, you will be able to boost productivity and employee engagement, by giving them a chance to perform to the best of their abilities.

According to SHRM’s research on Employee Job Satisfaction and engagement, 74% of the employees stated that their relationship with their supervisor was one of the five essential factors driving employee engagement.

Truworth wellness emphasizes positive interaction with your workforce at all levels in its workplace wellness program. It enhances pleasant feelings, morale, and develops work satisfaction in the employees.

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