How Digital Technology Helps in Workplace Wellness

The world has gone through digital evolution over time and it will continue too evolve more as the technology is enhancing rapidly. Digital technology has changed the way employees or employers work in the organizations. Smartphones have enabled the hiring managers schedule their meetings or interviews through the app. Employers have now easy access to the workflow of the different departments of the organization digitally. Employees use different kind of apps to manage their work stuff in a much better way.

The world of digital technology has also empowered the wellness industry with wearable devices for employees designed to monitor their health and taking necessary actions accordingly. Employers have started accepting wearable technology into their workplace wellness programs in order to increase engagement of the employees with health and wellness activities.  Fitness trackers from the Fitbit and smart watches from the Apple are the most used digital devices by the employers for workplace wellness.

According to pwc the use of wearable technology is expected to grow by 2020 in the wellness industry which means more & more companies will start evolving digitally to take care of their employees for better engagement and productivity.

How does Wearable Technology in the Workplace help Companies?

Wearable technology can be a powerful way for employers to promote workplace wellness culture with their employees. The digital gadgets like smart watches, fitness trackers & wearable glasses can entice your workforce to actively participate in the healthy activities to raise their performance at work. If you’re planning to incorporate wearable technology in your workplace wellness program, let’s find below its benefits

Better Employee Health and Productivity

In researches, It has been found that healthy employees produce better outcome than the unhealthy ones. Wearable devices in the workplace keep employees engaged with the healthy activities and create a healthy work culture within the organization. As a result of increased number of healthy people in the workplace employers achieve improved engagement and productivity in the business.

The digital platforms connected with wearable technology like the wellness corner allows the employees themselves track their health status in terms of sugar level, blood pressure, BMI, heart rate and many more metrics so they remains aware of the health risks connected with them.  This makes employees start putting suggested efforts in terms of diet, nutrition and physical activities to improve their health & so the engagement at work. Eventually it lowers the rate of absenteeism , presenteeism and days off due to health concerns and improves the performance at work.

Reduce Work Stress

With the help of wearable technology your population of workplace can track their stress levels at work.  This provides an analysis of stress patterns of all each employee at workplace which makes employer take necessary changes in the working styles followed by the workers and many other de-stress activities can be designed to reduce employee stress levels.

Improve Active Participation in Workplace

Employer or an in-charge of the program can run a specific competition among the employees to achieve a required health goals by incorporating the fitness & other health track devices and syncing them across the organization. Such kind of challenges play a vital role in the workplace in order to bring all employees together to achieve the health targets and keep them inclusive. It makes exercising a fun instead of a insisting physical activity.

Additionally, employer can introduce incentives or give an offer to the people achieving the health goals in order to draw more participation in the activity challenges run through wearable technology.


So overall digital technology in the workplace is a must for corporate wellness program to delivers the health into the hands of employee. In-fact it raises the interest level of the people to make an effort towards health improvement.

Truworth Wellness can help companies implementing a digitized workplace wellness program. It makes their employees access different tools and resources required to improve their health in a personalized manner.

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