How Nutrition Coaching Can Boost Productivity And Employee Satisfaction

How Nutrition Coaching Can Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Let’s admit it – most people don’t understand the ins and outs of good nutrition. While several people have a general belief that a balanced diet comprising of vegetables and fruits is much better than a diet of sweets and fast food, things get a bit blurry when we talk about planning the meal for any specific health goals. A lot of people don’t have any solid information and knowledge regarding which combination of foods sustain energy or which food product produces mood spikes.

One of the finest ways for anyone to improve their eating habits is to work with a nutrition coach and try to establish a custom plan based on their personal goal and unique health situation. A lot of companies offer employee wellness program with nutrition coaching that is beneficial for the employees’ health and overall wellness.

If purchased privately,  nutrition coaching can be really expensive while on the other hand, your corporate wellness program may offer it at reduced or no cost.

There are several advantages of nutrition coaching and they go well beyond just being a nice benefit and morale booster. With the duration of time, it leaves a positive impact on the overall wellness and health and of your workforce, and a healthier workforce makes good business.

  • Nutrition coaching can boost the productivity of your workforce.
  • Employees will have better focus and energy with a balanced diet.
  • Consuming the appropriate mix of foods will also reduce the spikes that can lead to mood swings and fatigue.

Absenteeism can also be minimized with good nutrition coaching. Poor nutrition can have adverse effects on employees and can leave them more susceptible to flu, colds, and other illnesses, while on the other hand healthy eating boosts physical resilience and keep the body away from any sudden illness.

Specific goals such as custom diet and weight loss can also be addressed with nutrition coaching. One-to-one sessions help in addressing health conditions like cholesterol,  diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or heart disease. For employees who are trying hard to manage their weight, nutrition coaching can help them with a more sustainable plan based on healthier choices.

Truworth’s employee wellness program offers nutrition coaching, by implementing this in your organization you can build physical and mental health as well as the overall wellness of your employees.  Promoting the availability of nutrition coaching in your wellness program would go a long way, countering the advice of the junk science diet that people are subjected to every day.

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