How Technology can Help Transform Wellness to Well-being

There is a huge gape yet to be explored in terms of technology improving well-being at work

Technology is useless unless it’s paving the way for new enhancements. The corporate wellness industry is passing through an evolutionary phase with frequently upgraded technological advancements. This has empowered the wellness programs to touch all aspects of wellness from physical to social, financial and mental well-being.

When we look back, corporate wellness programs were originally initiated to encourage employees to walk more and eat well. However, since then it has transformed to cover various health aspects to help employees improve their lives. This is known as a paradigm shift of corporate wellness industry from wellness to well-being. This shift has also impacted the HR industry by adding employee wellness under its umbrella to make it professionally enhanced so they make the workforce healthy and fit to produce better business outcomes.

Many big corporate organizations have started working on technological solutions to improve employee health and well-being that will assist the HR department of the company. Look at the following ways that technology-driven health benefit solutions can help this transition from wellness to well-being:

How Technology can Help Transform Wellness to Well-being

24/7 Accessibility

The software solution that supports health and well-being usually offer a single login from anywhere and anytime to access all information about employees. So HR is facilitated to allot health tasks as per their comfort and availability and track the status of the tasks whether completed or not.

Empowers People

Health benefits software solutions empower employees by providing them with access to the well-being programs & health check plans and services irrespective of the device they use. This resolves the dependency between HR and the employees related to their well-being such as knowing about wellness plans, checking healthcare claims and buying health check solutions.

Work Flow Automation

The health benefits solutions have set the automated work environment in the workplace that has brought comfort for HR of the company. Now HR person can focus on new projects and tasks to increase productivity.

Enhanced Decision Making Skills

The technology-driven health and well-being solutions have enhanced the decision-making skills of HR professionals of the company. It creates a centralized system to store health data of employees which helps HR taking precise decisions about employee health check plans and well-being programs. HR can easily check if the existing wellness program is making an impact on the company in terms of improved health and productivity. Based on these insights captured in the software, HR can further suggest the loop-holes and improvement tips for the employee well-being.

Boost in Telemedicine

During the time of the pandemic, employees with chronic health conditions find it difficult to seek proper medical advice & support to balance up their workload. Thanks to the Technology backed service called Telemedicine which is available for them in non-working hours. So being at home, they don’t have to miss the working hours and take unnecessary stress.

Telemedicine has made decision making easier for corporate employees as the medical support is just a tap away for them so they can connect with health experts at the time of the beginning of any health issue without waiting for the situation gets worst. Know more about the Importance & Benefits of Telemedicine.

Simplified Solution for Healthy Lifestyle

Technology-based devices or solutions play a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles. The wearable is one of the popular devices to keep employees engaged in healthy lifestyle formation especially when the health data captured through these devices get synchronized with the health and wellness apps such as “The Wellness Corner“- A state of art health engagement platform managed by Truworth.

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Corporate well-being needs are anticipated to grow internationally, the demand for technology-driven wellness solutions will also increase. This will result in the competitiveness of the industry. In this competitive phase, HR professionals will definitely need to improve their skills and knowledge for better execution of the well-being programs.


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