Humor at Workplace: Why HR should Take Notice

Our mind is very good at deviating towards worries, and that includes work. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of stress and anxiety for most. What does it do to you?

Are you one of those who think being serious makes you more productive?

Or that a stern attitude and a livid voice gets work done?

If yes, then you need to think again. While all of us might feel differently about an informal work environment, adding a little bit of laughter to any kind would do wonders for the productivity of the employees, without any alteration in the work structure and hierarchy.

So, apart from making you look good; what does laughter do to your body?

Humor at Workplace Increases Productivity

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones. These hormones, in turn, help in relieving pain, temporarily, and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • It relieves tension.
  • Humor develops your emotional intelligence.
  • It promotes your physical health and creates wonderful energy around you.
  • It boosts engagement and team relationships.
  • It enhances your creativity.
  • It helps you collaborate with people by breaking down barriers.
  • It enhances your analytic precision and productivity.”
  • Decreases stress hormones.
  • Increases immune cells and antibodies, thus improving resistance to diseases.
  • Laughter makes your brain release happy substances like dopamine and serotonin.

Did you know?

  • According to a study from HBR, Employees who laugh at comedy clips are 10% more productive than employees who don’t.
  • Another study from the mental floss, people who make jokes were considered more competent, confident and higher in status.
  • According to a study by MIT, using funny warm-up exercises increased the creative output of a group of product designers by more than 1/3.
  • Market watch researched that companies have started hiring humor coaches to relieve stress at work. Emotions, be it negative or positive, have a profound effect on the economic growth of the company.

Things employees can do

  • Try self-deprecating humor to keep it light.
  • Include some fun in your presentations.
  • Keep it humorous with your team to build healthy camaraderie.

Things HR can do

  • Promote a culture of laughter as ideas are easy to flourish in an accommodating setting.
  • A humor coach might help your company.
  • Conduct funny ice-breaking exercises to keep your employees stress-free and energized.
  • Help management and employees aware of the benefits of humor in the workplace.

Amid a stressful situation, it’s always a relief to spot a warm smile. Laughter has proven benefits for both the employees’ overall health and the company’s growth. Let us help in making your employees and company stress-free.

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