5 Affordable Incentives For Your Employee Wellness Program

Affordable Incentives for your Employee Wellness Program

Since the last decade, there has been a great inclination towards providing incentives for employee wellness programs. Here at Truworth, we believe that incentivizing your wellness program can really enhance your engagement. Here we have come up with five ideas for employee incentives that won’t break your bank!

1. Recognize Success

This is an amazingly simple way to promote the significance of your employee wellness program. When your employees sign up to participate, attain certain milestones, or make progress you can acknowledge them in company’s bulletin boards, newsletters, or on social media platform.

2. Build Partnerships

Various-providers can be discovered right in your local environment. Try to find out businesses near you and develop a partnership with them, for example, offer discounted gym memberships to your wellness participants, tickets to shows and movies, or even healthy snacks and meals.

3. Offer Flex-Time

If the nature of your department allows, consider incentivizing employees with a flexible time schedule. In the beginning, it might seem scary to let employees decide their own schedules, but it provides them with the freedom to work during their own peak hours.

4. Draw For Prizes

While this incentive apparently requires contributing a little money, purchasing one prize is much more affordable as compared to buying prizes for each participant. If you aspire to enhance engagement, consider splurging a little on few things that people will really want a chance to win.

5. Celebrate

The celebration of wellness programs can come in various sizes and shapes. You could have a potluck during lunch or bring in healthy snacks to the office. You could let everyone get together to relax and mingle or simply screen a movie at work. These small celebrations can be proposed as incentives for attaining group goals or could be offered particularly to individuals who have attained their own individual goals.

Incentives are excellent motivation booster for employees! Building an incentive wellness program, however, can be overwhelming. As with all aspects of wellness program,  you must keep the requirements of your employees in mind.

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