Why Introducing Step Challenge App is Beneficial to your Organization

Introducing Step Challenge App in the Workplace
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Excessive sitting at the workplace or a sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of an array of ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, premature death, anxiety, depression, obesity, etc. Prolonged sitting affects almost the entire body disrupting its smooth functioning affecting organs like heart, pancreas, brain, etc. To know more about the ill-effects of prolonged sitting, you can refer to this article.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the risk of mortality reduces by 17% when 30 minutes of sitting was replaced with moderate exercise, doubling the effect when it involved exercising, a bit more intense than walking.

Active employees take fewer sick days lowering the rate of absenteeism and presentism for the company. Companies now invest a lot in employee wellness programs striving to enhance the productivity of their workforce and lower their healthcare costs. It’s easy to initiate and encourage a culture of physical activity at the workplace by going for initiatives like step challenge using step challenge apps. You can offer engaging incentives like gift coupons, lunch outing, etc., for team participation and successful completion of the challenge.

Ways to Encourage Walking at the Workplace

It’s easy to initiate a culture of walking at your workplace, no matter the current fitness levels of your employees or your wellness program’s budget.

Enumerated below are a few ways as to how you can add more activity to your employee’s work routine

Encourage Employees to Use Step Challenge Apps

Encourage employees to walk more by initiating activities like step challenges at the workplace. You can take it a step further by incorporating step challenge apps, which can track steps and encourage healthy behaviours. Truworth wellness’s app known as ‘The Wellness Corner‘ helps users access their wellness program in one place, helping them monitor their steps.

Encourage Walking Meetings

Encourage walking meetings at your workplace, prompting the higher management to take part in, too, to motivate the employees to do the same. Read more about the ways to incorporate walking meetings in the workplace.

Promote Staircase

You can prompt employees to use the staircase more often, instead of elevators by measures like putting in engaging posters, making it more aesthetically pleasing through indoor plants, or providing incentives, etc.

Incorporate Fun Challenges

Offer healthy competitions, making employees complete a particular step count, or create teams making it a group challenge. Simple rewards like rewards points on the app, lunch outing, gift vouchers, etc., can work as great motivation boosters to get everyone on their feet, keeping them healthy and energized.

Provide information about nearby walking paths

Encourage walking by urging employees to park their cars a little far away, or you can create your walking trail by putting in signs outside the office space. You can incentivize them initially to get them on their feet and start a healthy walking culture at your workplace.

How do Step Challenge Apps Work?

It’s easier to move towards a task when you have tangible results in real-time. ‘The Wellness Corner’ app gives you a comprehensive platform to handle the operational intricacies of your wellness programs. You can initiate challenges in an array of fields like nutrition, weight management, stress management, etc., incorporating your overall wellbeing.

You can divide your employees into teams giving targets for their step challenges.

Teams can sync their steps with the wellness corner through apps like FitBit, GoogleFit, etc., to get a comprehensive activity picture of individuals and teams. At the end of the day, the winning team gets exciting offers like points on the app to purchase merchandise.

Benefits of Introducing Step Challenge App in the Workplace

  • It helps induce a healthy work culture at the workplace by helping employees get out of the sedentary routine.
  • It’s easier to implement not requiring the infrastructure needed to kick off wellness programs.
  • It creates healthy competition and a great way to let your team walk towards a healthy mind and body.
  • Step challenge is an easy and potent activity to motivate people into healthy lifestyle choices.

The wellness corner is a comprehensive platform designed to fulfil all your health and wellness needs in the most feasible manner.

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