Is Stress At Workplace Affecting Your Company’s Earnings

In the present scenario, stress at a certain level is unavoidable at workplace. And the inability to channelize that stress can lead to various psychological and physical problems, including depression and heart disease. Instead of being an asset to the company a stressed-out employee becomes more of a liability, resorts to frequent absenteeism as well as impacts the bottom line. Also, workplace stress results to various issues such as conflicts with coworkers, difficulty in concentrating, tardiness and poor work quality. Moreover, some companies are even quantifying productivity losses due to stress at workplace.

Now the question is, how can you fight stress at workplace and avoid all these negative consequences? By addressing the problem head on!! By introducing anti-stress initiatives and workplace wellness programs you can gradually reduce the impact of stress in your office. A workplace that supports stress management through workplace wellness programs not only helps their employees to handle pressure better and stay healthier during times of stress, it also sends a message that their company cares about them. This further provides emotional as well as physical support for fighting the effects of stress at workplace.

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