Kick Start Your Corporate Wellness Program With Big Data

Kick Start Your Corporate Wellness Program With Big Data

With every day changing digital innovations, employers have now started leveraging mobile apps, wearable devices, and employee-recorded health metrics to track their employees’ health and well-being. Many employers even monitor the health metrics like heart rate, overall movement, sleep patterns, body temperature in real-time and aggregate them into weekly or monthly reports.

Wellness Culture Gain Power With The Use Of Data

The huge amount of data produced by wearable devices has enough potential to drive a seismic shift in how both employees and employers alike view wellness and health. In addition to fitness and exercise data, information like blood pressure, eating habits, blood sugar levels and heart rate can also be aggregated by utilizing the power of cloud-based technology. Employees can then access relevant and specific medical information via their internal corporate portals. This data can further be crunched for medical studies, as well as enabling employers to lessen their healthcare budgets.

As more employers shift to data-driven wellness initiatives for employees, the health care system seems poised for a big revolution. It calls for a time when employees become more aware and educated about their own wellness and make better health choices. On the other hand, employers save on healthcare costs and medical researchers obtain powerful sets of new data. A win-win situation for everybody!

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