Let’s Enjoy A New Freedom This Independence Day 2017

This week we celebrate India’s declaration of independence. Among other things, it was about taking a stand and owning the right to choose and make one’s destiny. We’re celebrating freedom.
Freedom to make choices each day, which affect your wellness journey. Wellness allows for independence to live life as we want. When you choose wellness you choose health, the ability to move, build strength and flexibility, and hopefully walk and get around and live by yourself, without assistance. When you choose wellness you focus on relationships, peace of mind and heart, and appreciate your blessings while releasing stress.

Your wellness destiny is yours for the making. Living in our great country, you are blessed to have more choices than most, in almost every aspect of your life.How will you celebrate your freedom to choose wellness? Will this be the day you declare your independence, stand and own your right to create your wellness destiny?


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