10 Non-Caffeinated Ways To Boost Your Energy At Work

1. Go For Nuts

Give up on sugary snacks that deplete your body and go for a handful of walnuts or almonds. Compared to other snacks, nuts have an optimal nutritional value, fiber, high-quality vegetable protein, and vital minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Healthy fats help you stay full and energized while fiber helps in digesting the food slowly over time.



2. Groove To Your Favourite Music

Ever noticed how your favorite drives you to the dance floor? That’s because music is energizing—especially if you sing along. According to a research, singing solo decreases tension and increases energetic arousal nearly as much as a cardio workout.

Listen to music


3. Take A Deep Breath

Through deep breathing, you’ll deliver a larger amount of oxygen to the brain, keeping you more alert.

deep breath


4. Pop A Piece Of Gum

Gum not only refreshes your breath but also revitalize your body. According to a survey individuals who chewed gum in a day for 15 minutes or more felt more alert as compared to those who didn’t pop a piece.

mint gum


5. Eat Healthy Meals

A lot of research has shown that missing even one meal a day can cause fatigue by the end of the day. Eating healthy meals regularly keeps your blood sugar balanced and energy levels high.

regular meals


6. Exercise Regularly

Exercise one of the best things you can do to feel more energetic when you’re low on energy. Exercise initiates physiological changes in your body that increase blood flow and energy substrates to both your brain and skeletal muscles, increasing your alertness and overall energy availability.



7. Say NO To Sugar

Ther’s no doubt to the fact that sugary snacks deliver a quick energy boost—but also causes your blood sugar to plummet later. Opt for whole grains instead: They offer complex carbohydrates that the body digests and releases slowly, keeping your blood sugar stable.

no sugar


8. Take A Walk

Get outside and take a walk for at least 15 minutes to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Plus, a brisk walk gets your blood flowing, which improves circulation and mental function.



9. Munch On Seeds

Magnesium breaks down glucose into energy, so being even slightly low in this mineral can cause a dip in energy. Seeds are rich in the mineral and can provide a quick boost.

pumpkin seeds


10. Plant A Garden

There’s no surprise to the fact that physical activity puts a pep in your step. According to a research active hobbies, like gardening, are far more energizing as compared to sedentary ones, like reading. Digging in the dirt is especially stimulating: Skin-to-skin contact with soil can fight oxidative stress in your body, which, in turn, energizes you.

Plant a garden

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