5 Factors that can Affect your Productivity

Your business is as healthy as your employees. If your workforce is not performing according to the expectations, bottom line and productivity are destined to fall.

Several factors can hold your employees back, this leads to wasting money, time as well as losing the ground to competitors. But people aren’t robots and this is the reason why it requires optimizing productivity. If you want to be certain about your employees delivering their personal best, take a close look at the productivity killers that might be impacting your workforce. And, just advise your workforce to avoid these things at work as these might hamper their engagement and business productivity.

Factors that could be Productivity Killers and you must Avoid

Factors that can Affect your Productivity

Using Multiple Apps to Increase Productivity

Today you can find thousands of tools and apps to manage your daily tasks and increase productivity at work. These tools can definitely help you to organize tasks in a productive way but using too many apps on your phone can go another way. And if your phone goes damaged, all of your lists will get destroyed and you won’t be able to manage your tasks at all. So you can start using traditional ways of sticky notes or email calendar or planner to note down the tasks under your list.


Multitasking refers to working on multiple tasks of your account in order to finish your work at the earliest. It is a good practice but suitable for some of the tasks where mistakes are acceptable and can be reworked in case of failure. If you’re a team leader and your boss has given you an important task that needs your full dedication, it cannot come under multitasking as making a mistake in that will create a disaster for you.

Doing Overtime

Overtime is not a good signal for your work or family life. If you are working after official working hours, it doesn’t mean you’re more productive and effective. It may be a negative sign in terms of business output as you will compromise with your health parameters that are required to maintain your physical and mental wellness. Working overtime will make your body restless and not getting enough sleep causes a further drop in performance at work.

Not Asking for Help

If you’re one of those employees who always try to accomplish everything yourself without asking for help from your colleagues, now is the best time to change this stress-giving way to work. Doing everything yourself will increase the possibility of the work not being delivered within the set deadlines or the failure chances will also remain high as it would not include the views of other experts. Additionally, working alone without any help from others will push you under the stress and you may find yourself in the burnout if the situation is not controlled within time. Check how can you bounce back after the burnout

So never hesitate to take inputs from your team members or other colleagues in the workplace regarding your work responsibilities. After all, success is measured as a result of the team effort.

Checking Emails Frequently

Checking the mailboxes frequently for the new emails might appear to be productive. However, it is actually not as it distracts your attention from the important task you would be focusing on at that time towards the new task allotted via email. For the time being, you will waste your crucial time to read the email and won’t start working on the new task until the previous task of higher priority gets completed so why to check emails so frequently. Let’s reduce the frequency of checking emails. You can check your email within every 2-4 hours and focus on your important tasks rest of the time.

Are you able to relate the above problems with you? if yes, then start working on these things to get out so any of these doesn’t get bigger and starts hampering your productivity and performance.

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