Psychological First-Aid Guide for Everyone

Psychological well-being is equally important along with physical well-being for overall wellness of an individual. If you’re physically fit but not psychologically well, or vice versa, you won’t be a person socially satisfied and healthy. There may be number of reasons of stress in people who live comfort and luxurious life. Therefore, this classification of luxury cannot be understood as an indicator of wellbeing of any individual. Psychological wellness indicates whether or not a person is living his life happily and contently. In workplace, psychological well-being of workforce is equally important to ensure overall employee job satisfaction as well as personal health.

Common Psychological Measures Everyone should Know

Psychological First Aid Guide for Everyone

Psychological concerns of employees must be considered as important as the physical ones. Most of the times, we ignore the adverse consequences of psychological issues on our health. In fact very few of us know about our level of sustenance for the psychological health issues.

Mental health experts have come up with some common psychological concerns we face in our daily life and the ways to lower the impact on our health and well-being caused by them.


Failure is a relative term as the acceptance of failure in any task varies from person to person. Typically failure occurs when any individual or group has not achieved defined goals and targets in certain deadlines.


    • We become doubtful of our capabilities due to accepting a failure that eventually tends to develop lower confidence level.
    • We start underestimating our potentials towards the possibilities of success doors.


Failure is meaningless until you accept it. So consider failure as a part of your learning experience and move on to the success path with enhanced knowledge and energy.

Lost Self-Image

When we overexpect from ourselves or try to achieve something beyond our abilities, We will start loosing our original strengths or self-image.


    • It causes improper handling of tasks whether at work or with family.
    • It makes us judging every task’s nature as per our expectations and thus we start denying many of the tasks assuming them as low level.


Understand and realize your potential & abilities and act accrdingly.


Rejection happens to us when our loved ones start giving less importance to us and treat us in a negative manner.


Rejection leads to unrealistic behavior against our original nature that further causes rejection from people.


Many times we cannot regulate rejection which is caused by others not accepting our core nature. So in such situations we must engage ourselves in other activities and move ahead. We should not try to explain and justify our do’s everytime to others. People will steadily start understanding your core nature in time being.


When we don’t share our concerns and stress giving thoughts with our family or loved ones and keep them with ourselves, It will increase anxiety and feeling of loneliness.


Loneliness, if not handled in a timely manner, we’ll start battling continuously with our negative thoughts and a cycle of negative thoughts will start forming in our mind.


Start sharing your negative thoughts with your loved ones or you can think of associating with groups or clubs where similar thoughts are raised. It will help you get out of the bad situation.


This is another psychological concern which occurs from the things that are not under our control. When things don’t go as per our expectations, we start feeling guilty as of taking complete responsibility for any mishappening.


    • We blame ourselves for every mishappening
    • Act similarly every time for a similar situation


Practice forgiving yourself & others while identifying the causes of failures & fixing them.


Brooding occurs when we’re constantly surrounded by negative thoughts and emotions which doesn’t allow us to utilize our full potential towards any other task.


Since we do not use our full potential so we become prone to committing mistakes in performing every other task.


Practice meditation and resilience that will help you keep negative thoughts away and increase your concentration level while performing any task.


The combination of all of these psychological injuries can cause major health issues among people such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, deep stress and so on. And, if not controlled in a timely manner, these damages can form to become more dangerous than physical injuries. So it is advised to intervene as early as possible.

Morever, as an employer if you’re concerned about your employees’ health-caused productivity loss, choose from our corporate health check packages according to your budget & need and get the complete health scenario of your organization.

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