Say A Big NO To Summer Tan!

Tanning is one of the major problems during summer, and most people try to find a quick solution to it by using chemically laden bleach or opting for cosmetic peeling procedures. But, all these immediate solutions have various side effects and causes damage to the skin.

Tanning of skin is due to the presence of a compound called melanin in our skin. Our skin gets its color from melanin present in our body and people with darker skin have more melanin compares to people with lighter skin tone. The body normally creates melanin as a response to sun exposure in order to protect the inner layers of the skin from damage. This is the reason why skin changes color after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Most of us live in an illusion that we need to burn the pockets to buy such expensive spa products that help you lighten the tan. Not necessary, here we present a few homemade remedies that can be very easily made but with slight patience.

Skin Tanning Home Remedies

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