Simple Office Exercises

Simply sitting on your desk for 10-hours a day without any exercise can be dangerous for your health. It can even make you feel sleepy and unproductive. Therefore, in order to keep the productive juices pumping in your body, make an effort to keep moving every 30 minutes.

Following are quick and simple exercises you can do at your desk or computer terminal that will help relieve tension –

  1.  Inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat six times.
  2. Raise your arms high above your head: stretch one hand toward the ceiling, then the other, and then both together: relax. Repeat twice.
  3. Hold your arms straight out at the sides, with your palms up, and slowly rotate them in small circles; do 20 forward, then 20 backward.
  4. Clasp your hands behind your head to keep it still and press back your neck muscle to loosen and stretch it. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat five times.

Click here for more office exercises recommended by motion experts to prevent obesity and get people moving.

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