How Strategic HR can Make Employees Globally Competitive through Apprenticeship

Every organization irrespective of its business model or industry type grows because of a big contribution made by the employees working there. The pace with which the world is moving in the direction of globalization, there is a huge possibility of rising global competitiveness among companies. The rapidly evolving technology has set a favourable infrastructure for the companies to compete with each other globally in different aspects such as product quality, demand, innovation and comfort.

This competitiveness of performing better and better has increased demand for strategic HR to offer employees the apprenticeship programs so the workforce can play a key role in order to take the company toward new heights of success.

Since the company is run and grown by the people who dedicate the fine amount of time working there to raise the business outcomes, it becomes very important for the strategic HR department to proactively work with employees and train them for bigger challenges to increase their competitiveness. Apprenticeship is the company offered on-site training program for the employees to meet certain skill-set and competencies required to perform organizational responsibilities. Apprenticeship has grown over the past to become a part of corporate HR hiring strategy as it is an effective way of fill the talent gap among the employees so they all are on the same page and proceed toward common objectives.

The government also supports the apprenticeship programs offered by the companies as it helps to nurture employees’ with certain specializations as per the market demand. More and more corporate industries have started offering apprenticeship programs in house owing to huge government support. The dedicated apprenticeship program in the company helps to win the loyalty of employees as they feel satisfied and encouraged about their job role. It also boosts the confidence level of people to face the performance-challenges in achieving future career goals.

Steps for HR to Make your Apprenticeship Programs Successful

Here are the steps to initiate your apprenticeship program in the workplace:

Making your Employees Globally Competitive through Apprenticeship Programs

Go for an Engaging Name

Name of the training program needs to be engaging so more and more people feels connected to it. The name should be self-explanatory so it can communicate the objective of the program in the workplace.

Select the Qualified Leadership of the Program

The apprenticeship programs must be handed to the right person who has tremendous leadership skills. The leader can be a senior employee of the company with the required skills or an external trainer who works on behalf of the company. The person hired to lead the program needs to have the intention of making the program successful.

Make the Program Tailored to Market Demand

The program must be designed to cater to the needs of the global market so the employees feel motivated and valued. Also, the apprenticeship programs must be reviewed from time to time in order to make it always demanding.

Selection of Skills to be taught in the Apprenticeship

Carefully think of the training skills for the apprenticeship program. It must contain the list of modules that you want to make your employees learn so they produce the required business outcome.

Choosing the Apprentices for the Program

The strategic HR team must wisely select the apprentices for the training program as per the eligibility criteria set by the company. The eligibility may depend upon the willingness of people to learn industrial skills, business needs or the educational qualifications and more like that.

Evaluate with Measurable Target

Start keeping track of the program from the beginning as it starts. The program must be designed to produce some measurable output so every time you should track if it is not moving in the wrong direction. After testing the quality of the deliverables, you can tweak the program material accordingly as a part of further enhancements.

If you’re looking to improve your business outcome and productivity of employees in this globally competitive market, start upgrading your employees in terms of skills and personality.

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