Tips For Embracing Corporate Mindfulness

mindfulness at work

There are a lot of ways to put forth a mindfulness program at your workplace, but the key is to get started. To start this off, let’s consider a few effective yet simple, strategies for building your corporate mindfulness program.

1. Build A Mindful Climate

Create a peaceful, enlightened and harmonious climate within your organization. We all have heard a lot regarding Feng shui and we generally use them in our home, so why not bring some of these ideas into our workplace too.

2. Create  Mindful Commitment

Schedule regular activities for mindfulness into your work schedule so that it becomes the part of your work life. This could comprise various sessions such as stretching, meditation, breathing breaks, walks, or other activities or what we generally call “recharge.” The aim here is to strengthen brain fitness, help employees attain their goals as individuals, and provide a platform to help employees balance their work and life journey.

3. Spread Mindful Message

Social media and blogging have proven to be an excellent communication platform for communicating and sharing various thoughts and ideas with your population. You can take advantage of this platform to share your insights regarding the benefits of corporate mindfulness and how this can help employees perform better at work.

4. Make A Mindful Identity

While formulating corporate mindfulness program for your organization you can incorporate something unique that can, later on, become a part of your brand identity. For example, if we take the idea of a “minute of silence” just before the beginning any new meeting, offsite or onsite, to help the meeting participants and employees remove any external thoughts that might be because of their previous engagement. Practicing this could help to land, focus and connect comfortably to the new session that is about to start.

Make a Mindful Identity

So, the bottom line is: we’re all occupied with our daily chores of work and life, and time is something that is most precious to us. Sometimes taking time out of your busy schedule of the workday for mindfulness might appear inconvenient to a lot of us, but when you analyze how much more positive and productive you could become, with greater awareness, creativity, and energy, you would love to include mindfulness as a key strategy in your corporate wellness initiative.

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