Tips For Healthy Lunch At Work

Healthy Lunch Tips For Work

The workplace can never be an effortless place to be the healthiest ‘you’. You don’t have access to your own fridge and stock of foods, moreover, social influence generally works in a negative direction and you often feel pressured to take as little time as possible to eat, meaning just grab-and-go, not so healthy lunches. So, to help you deal with this, we’ve come up few hints for keeping up your healthy eating habits in and out of the office.

Plan Ahead
Carry out your weekly shopping keeping your lunches in mind and prepare for the week ahead. Perhaps you make a nice healthy salad to last the week or make extras for dinner every night leaving enough for leftovers. DON’T forget to pack some healthy snacks for those late afternoon munchies.

Eat Mindfully
Take some time away from your work to have lunch. It’s very simple to overeat while enthralled in whatever task you are working on. Instead, take a break from your work and give your brain a rest. You may find portion control easier when you eat away from a work setting.

Drink Water
Try not to overload yourself with coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Bring a water bottle to work every day for easy access. No need to try to target a specific quantity of water each day, just have enough that you don’t feel thirsty.

Go For A Walk
Take a break from continuously staring at your computer screen, stretch your legs, and give proper rest to your eyes for vision wellness. Eating out of boredom can be avoided when you stimulate your brain with different activities throughout the day.

Choose Right
When eating out with co-workers, look for the healthy options. Aim to fill at least half of your plate with veggies, choose lean protein and avoid fried options. Most importantly, keep in mind the portion sizes and how much you are eating.

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