7 Secret Tips To Improve Wellness At Work

If you’re still not considering wellness as a priority for your business, you may require reevaluating. As healthy a team is definitely more productivity and there is less employee turnover. So in case if you’re seeking to improve workplace wellness initiative, here are 7 tips to improve wellness at work.

Ways to Promote Wellness at Work

1. Transform Your Vending Machine Options

Employees will only be healthy if they eat healthy. But if your vending machines or kitchen down the hall are filled with salty snacks and candy exclusively, then they’re most expected to fall into some really bad eating habits. As a replacement for this, you must contact your vending machine company and see what all healthy options available that they can offer or bring in some healthy food and share in the office kitchen.

2. Conduct Walking Meetings

When you require discussing something with a few fellow members of your team, instead of sitting into the conference room, consider walking meeting.  If you don’t require any access to certain equipment or specific items such as projector or mike, it’s great to hold a walking meeting, as they serve as an amazing refreshment and workout.

3. Include Healthy Potluck Meetings

Add a healthy twist to your meeting, instead of unhealthy snacks like soft drinks, doughnuts, fries etc ask each attendee to bring in some healthy snacks. This will not only build a healthy office culture but will also keep you fit.

4. Carry-Out Early Morning Stretch

Stretching is an amazing way to activate muscles and get into just the right mindset for the entire day. So, set a time in the morning when your entire team gathers for a quick stretch, yoga or meditation routine to kick start each day.

5. Offer Discounts in Health Club for Employees

You can motivate your employees for staying fit by offering them discounts in the health club or nearby gym.

6. Promote Standing Desks

Sitting at a desk for the entire day is a major factor responsible for deteriorating employee health. To combat these employers can offer hybrid desks or standing desk for their employees, as it is important to stand and walk around throughout the day.

7. Emit Daily Stress Relief Tips

Stress is yet another factor that negatively impacts the performance of your team. Try to combat stress through some simple stress relief methods or tips that you can easily send out via email or newsletters to all your employees.

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