Top 5 Features Every Wellness Portal Should Have

Top 5 Features Of Wellness Portal

Nowadays, wellness programs make use of web-based tools to administer and organize and wellness programs. These web-based computer systems are known as “wellness portals”. These portals help in driving healthy behavior among individuals with the help of various features. Heare we have come up with top five features every wellness portal should have.

1. Educate

There are plenty of ways to educate your population regarding the need for healthy behaviors. A well-designed wellness portal will educate employees with live presentations, video content, audio files, webinars, books, and social media, this will help them learn and understand the significance of adopting as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness portals do an excellent job of interpreting and reporting personal health information.

2. Track Activity And Participation

A well-programmed employee wellness program should automatically track program participation as well as individual health behaviors. When we learn about our progress we get motivated to proceed with new behaviors. By tracking participation and activity, a well-designed wellness portal can assist individuals to discover how their activity changes their health with time. It can further help people in accomplishing their individual wellness goals. Activity tracker can track data via wearable devices such as a Fit Bit or Jawbone, and even detect who has watched videos of behavior change or completed the task of behavior change. All this data gets aggregated into live wellness reports that allow administrators and individuals to have a dashboard view of everything that is going on within their wellness strategy.

3. Create Easy-To-Use Mobile Application

In older times, participants of the wellness programs used printed material and paper forms to report on health risks. The logistics of designing, printing, shipping,  as well as collecting these elements was burdensome. But nowadays, the maximum part of this has been substituted by providing employees with the “access to wellness portals on the web”. Whether on a mobile device or computer it has become a lot easier and more pleasant to participate as compared to the older times. Every employee wellness program must be accessible on a mobile device or computer. A wellness portal demands to have a mobile application that enables every employee to participate in every phase of their program. An easy to use and well-designed application make it really easy for employees to get engaged in a wellness program. This further helps the employees to stay motivated and lead healthier lives.

4. Organise Confidential Health Assessment

Whether on a mobile or a computer, wellness portals can make it really easy for people to report their health risks and understand the outcomes via biometric screening. The awareness and education part of behavior change is the simplest part to do. Wellness portals take the account of an individual health data, propose recommendations, and further encourage individuals to improve. The challenge is to gather the data and render the education in a simple, clear to understand format. Taking a personal health assessment on wellness portal should be as simple and easy as it can.

5. Offer Wellness Tools

At times, demonstrations regarding “how to be healthy” aren’t enough. The workforce may require tools or resources to support them to be healthy.  Gym passes, sporting equipment, cooking equipment,  walking shoes, vegetable cutting boards,  day planner or recipe books, all these are tools that are used to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Without the correct tools, it is unlikely to acquire a changed behavior. People demand tools to be healthy as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle and a well-designed wellness portal must comprise of such tools for its population.


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