Toxic Signs at Workplace HR should Take Notice of

Toxic Signs at Workplace Every HR should Consider

Do you suffer from the problem of high attrition rate?

Are you facing high absenteeism at your workplace?

Do you sense a lack of motivation amongst your employees?

If your answer is yes, to all of this, chances are your company might be plagued with the toxic work culture. 88% of the employees feel that distinctive workplace culture is essential for organizational success – Deloitte

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A positive work culture works as the backbone of a business prompting workers to get up each morning and spend most of their day at their place of work. No matter how big the company is, or irrespective of the job designation and salary, if the work culture is not appropriate or positive, it will serve as a negative engagement for employees and eventually detrimental for a business.

What does a high attrition rate mean for your company? Replacing employees is expensive. According to ere media,

  • It costs about 30-50% of their annual salary to substitute an entry-level employee.
  • 150% to replace a mid-level employee.
  • 400% to replace a high-level/specialized employee.

So, how do you judge your company’s culture? Listed below are a few signs that will surely signal a problematic environment and a negative work culture for the employees:

High Absenteeism

You hire your employees based on their skills, hoping that they will be dedicated to the work and perform to the best of their abilities. But what happens when instead of increased efficiency and productivity, you spot a pattern of increased absenteeism among them. Absenteeism is a big warning signal declaring that employees are not motivated to come to work, which might turn out to be a big problem for the company.

Feedbacks not appreciated

What makes a business grow? It’s their ability to serve its customers, reap profits, and keep them glued to the company. And that involves a comprehensive process, including post-sales services. It’s very crucial to take feedback from the customers and improvise accordingly, and the same goes for employees as happy employees make for happy customers. A workplace where employees’ feedback is not appreciated, signals a negative work culture and will end up dissatisfying both the employees and the employers, eventually.

Lack of Transparency and Trust

As per the HBR survey, 58% of the employees say that they don’t trust the leadership of their company

According to a study, 93% of the employees say trusting their superior is essential for their overall happiness at the workplace. More and more information is public these days, accessible to everyone. A company that keeps things undercover or does not harbour transparency in its operation signal an extremely negative work culture, making it difficult for employees to trust and work for the cause.

Misaligned company values

75% of employees aged 18-34, expect their companies to take a stand on important social issues. Everyone would want to work for a company with a clearly stated mission and real values. It’s a concern if values and commitment are just words to a company as it demonstrates a weak work culture.

Poor reviews

There are a lot of job portals like Glassdoor that review companies and rank them based on their organizational culture and performance. Frequent negative or positive reviews can give deep insight as to how employees view the company and its culture.

Positive work culture is imperative to a company’s success in the long run as it’s the work culture that keeps the employees’ inclined and attached to their workplace. Truworth Wellness believes in creating a workspace coherent to all. Get in touch to make yours as well with our team of experts.

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