4 Trends That Will Impact 2019 Workplace Wellness

4 Trends That Will Impact 2018 Workplace Wellness

2018 comes with some really exciting corporate wellness trends. For employers who desire to top the chart in employee well-being and health, some of these latest trends might help you take your wellness program up a notch.

1. Shift in the Focus 

When employee wellness programs first took off, the focus was essentially on weight loss goals or smoking cessation. Current employee wellness programs have come a really long way since then – and offerings of these wellness programs have expanded their focus on more than just the physical aspect of wellness and health. Nowadays, employers are utilizing corporate wellness programs to enhance employee engagement and to grow as an employer of choice. A lot of organizations are doing this by linking career development efforts with traditional well-being efforts. For organizations looking to improve retention and recruitment efforts, drifting a focus to embrace collective well-being will help keep contemporary employees happy as well as bring in new talent.

2. Personalization Is A Must

Employees desire personalized experiences in their workplace wellness programs. Wellness can’t be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Wellness actions that are significant to one employee might not be as important to another. Each employee’s route to a healthier lifestyle is absolutely unique, and it must be treated likewise. To build a more personalized event for employees, employers in this new season will utilize more digital platforms to host their corporate wellness programs.

3. Wellness Myntra: ‘Keep It Simple’

2018 employee wellness programs will be shifting to a ‘less is more’ approach. One of the possible reasons for employers not seeing the good level of participation in their wellness programs is because they are ‘too complicated’. Employees desire uncomplicated, simple, wellness objectives and tasks – most likely as they already have enough on their table. Stressing out employees is the last thing that employers want. Hence, there will be a noticeable drift from complicated tasks to the simpler ones.

4. Artificial Intelligence Blends With Wellness

AI will undoubtedly find its way into corporate wellness this season. According to some experts, AI software will grow as a prominent feature of wellness and HR, as it can be utilized to recognize trends and make detailed forecasts for the future. Employers can also use this technology to analyze and collect huge amounts of data to enhance their wellness initiatives. AI software is capable of providing rapid responses and better personalization for employees.

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