Truworth Wellness CEO featured on BTVi’s Rising Stars

Rajesh Mundra, CEO of Truworth Wellness, featured on BTVi’s Rising Stars and shared the inception and journey of Truworth Wellness in the preventive healthcare space as well as the State of Health & Wellness in India.

During the interaction with the interviewer, Vikram Oza, he explained that what triggered the need for Truworth was the deteriorating corporate lifestyle and the rising cost of healthcare and insurance claims.

Acknowledging his experiences he further added that the challenge for him was to provide the user with a preventive wellness culture and help him to modify his lifestyle as well as drive behavioral modification. To achieve that he laid the foundation of a very comprehensive, structured and outcome oriented wellness program for corporate which is powered by our state of art engagement platform, the wellness corner.

Mr. Mundra conveyed how different techniques like gamification, socialization, offering reorganizations and rewards are used to promote wellness among corporate. He delightfully added that Truworth has so far tasted the success and is progressively evolving through its customized engagement programs for the corporate. At last, he shared that the idea behind Truworth is to rise as a one-stop health and wellness provide for the user.


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