Ways to Identify Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Identifying Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Many kinds of research have already been made to reach the conclusion that improving the mental health of employees leads to a dropped rate of absenteeism & attrition and enhanced productivity and engagement at work. Corporate wellness programs in India are reshaping to specifically target the mental health challenges of employees in the workplace

Challenges for Organizations to Address Mental Health Issues of Employees

  • Insufficient Understanding of Mental Issues 
  • Feeling of Discomfort or Disgrace to Communicate Psychological Concerns of Employees
  • Tagging Mental Issues as Personal.

To overcome these challenges, companies must come up with engaging and personalized mental wellness programs for employees. To spread awareness of mental health issues within the organization, employers should use videos, online resources, health-related apps and plenty of reading stuff. Online video sessions are the best medium to address the mental issues whether work-related or personal to every individual employee without any feeling of disgrace.

Companies should thoroughly work to build a healthy culture in the workplace so employees do not feel any shame or never feel scared of discussing mental or psychological problems they face whether in the workplace or outside.

The ideal corporate mental wellness program is the perfect combination of counselling, exercise, yoga and meditation. In fact, it is designed to cater to every possible and proven method of improving the mental health of employees. The company must have a team of mental wellness experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists who have a thorough understanding of organizational culture. This team of wellness professionals will better entertain the employees suffering from serious mental issues and provide them with the best possible resolution.

Employers can utilize the latest technology to address the mental health issue in the workplace. Many corporate wellness companies have the app or web-based wellness platforms to track insights related to mental health such as the amount of sleep, physical activity, calories burned and more. This health data provided by apps can encourage employees to take appropriate actions like participating in yoga and meditation programs or other self-improvement activities for their mental well-being.

In India, People often never share their feelings with anyone when they’re passing through anxiety, stress or any other emotional challenges. This is also true for the employees of the corporate office where the unhealthy culture doesn’t allow victims to reveal their mental concerns. This makes mental health issues of the employees are not clearly visible in the workplace.

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Possible Indicators to Identify Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Increased Absenteeism and Decreased Productivity of Talented Employees

This is an observable change in the workplace when the employees who have been efficient and productive earlier, start taking days off frequently or performing inefficiently while delivering day to day tasks.

Increased Number of Sick Leaves

Generally, if mental issues such as stress, anxiety or depression exist for a longer period, will cause other physical issues such as migraine, headache, dizziness, nausea or body pain. The unaddressed mental issues even adversely impact the immune system of the body in such a way that it becomes chron to minor infections like cold and flu.

Besides, there may be other symptoms of people suffering from mental health issues such as a change in sleep habits, reduced concentration while working, lowered listening capacity.

So what

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress are widely spread globally amongst the employees working in the corporate sector. Employers must start frequent interaction with employees discussing their mental or psychological health concerns so they never feel disgraced while seeking any professional advice.  Organizing corporate yoga and guided meditation session once in a while in the workplace can also be introduced as a part of a wellness initiative. The yoga and meditation are the proven ways to bring physical and mental relaxation if practised on a regular basis. 

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