7 Ways To Burn Calories While You Work

7 Ways To Burn Calories While You Work

1. Stand Up And Work


Spend about 30-40 minutes of your day standing, not sitting, at your office desk to burn off an extra 100 calories. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

2. Move Around the Office


Instead of sending email or text messages, walk over to your co-worker’s desk to ask a question. Need copies made? Take a trip to the photocopier and make them yourself. Headed to the restroom? Take an extra lap around the office before going in. All these extra steps add up—just 40 minutes of extra walking during your workday translates into 119 extra calories burned.

3. Climb the Corporate Stairway


We know you’ve heard this one before, but for good reason—taking the stairs instead of the elevator is one of the easiest, sweat-free ways to burn up extra calories. Spending only 15 minutes out of your entire workday stepping up can burn off 116 calories.

4. Be Smart At snacking

healthy snacking

When we eat foods that are high in fiber and protein, our bodies have to work extra hard to digest it, making it burn calories in the process. These snacks are better than choosing high-sugar, carbohydrate-filled snacks that may damage your insulin.

5. Use Small Dumbbell, Exercise Band, Or Hand Gripper

workout at desk

If you’re unable to get any cardio or core exercise at your desk, you still have the option of burning calories with your upper body. A variety of options exist for engaging your upper body while you work – some of the most common are squeezable hand grip devices, small dumbbells, exercise bands, and the like. These options are cheap, small and light. The more frequently you’re able to exercise, the more calories you’ll burn.

6. Laugh Out Loud

laugh out loud

You might be too stressed out and busy at work to laugh. According to research, a chuckle every now and then can help you burn up to 40 calories. When you laugh, your heart rate rises by 10 to 20%, thereby causing your metabolism to increase as well. This means that even when you stop laughing, you’re still burning those calories.

7. Go For A balance ball chair.

balance ball chair

Believe it or not, it’s possible to start burning calories and toning your midsection simply by changing the type of chair you use. As you sit in this balance ball chair, your body has to subtly flex its core muscles to keep you upright and balanced. Over time, you will feel a gentle “burn” in your midsection, signifying that you’re using your muscles and burning calories.