Ways to Energize your Workplace during Diwali

Ways to Energize your Workplace during Diwali

Celebrated all across India, transcending caste and borders, the festival of light is just around the corner. There are numerous festivals celebrated across the Indian subcontinent, but nothing comes close to Diwali when the entire nation illuminates like fireflies. Also known as the Hindu New Year, this festival adds a new zeal and warmth to the atmosphere, be it at work or home. So, how do you ensure that your workspace, like your home, is Diwali ready too?

In this article, we list a few tips on how you can celebrate a safe and pollution-free Diwali at your workplace.

Get Your Workplace Cleaned Up

One of the main rituals during Diwali is the extensive cleaning of your surroundings. Organize a joint cleaning session to spruce up your workplace. Apart from aesthetical purpose, the sifting through will also enhance your productivity by helping you get rid of the unwanted stuff. So, go minimalistic this time and declutter your space of the glut.

Go Green With The Decorations

Go fresh with your decorations by opting for things like paper lanterns, earthen diyas, jute and wooden decorations, floral rangolis, etc., instead of going for plastic enhancements that ultimately harms the environment. Also, use LED lights and LED candles to illuminate the place, saving electricity.

Go Ethnic With Your Ensemble

Festivals are incomplete without ethnic garb, so ask your employees to be dressed in their ethnic best this festive season. Traditional outfits are vibrant and colourful and perfectly complements the festive mood.

Skip Firecrackers

Diwali has received a lot of flak in recent years, owing to the noise and air pollution it effects. Try some eco-friendly alternatives at your workplace like Paper Poppers, Lanterns, Piñatas, etc. if possible. In case, firecrackers turn out to be a must, ensure proper safety measures are in place, like timely availability to first-aid, bursting firecrackers away from the building, not having any combustible material around, etc.

Decorate Your Workspace

If you have a cubicle to yourself, best, but for others as well, don’t get disheartened. You can decorate your desk with an idol of the goddess, or some floral vignette to let in the festive vibes.

The Much-Awaited Diwali Gift

Everyone appreciates gifts, and the time invested exhibits the significance attributed to the person. Diwali corporate gifts have gained a lot of traction in recent years, with plenty of options available in the market. You can go for gifts like Diwali Gift Hampers, Sugar-Free Traditional Snacks, And Sweets, Handicraft Items, Fruit Baskets, Dry-Fruit Boxes, Silver Coins, etc. to express your appreciation and create a joyful spirit at the workplace.

Imbibe The Spirit Of Diwali In Yourself

Recognized as Hindu New Year, and a festival signifying the victory of light over darkness, Diwali is a highly revered festival. Let the spirit of this festival guide you towards a positive start. Make a fresh start with added zeal in all spheres of your life.

Truworth wellness wishes everyone a happy a safe Diwali. May the festival of light illuminate your life with prosperity and joy this festive season.

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