Ways to Kick Start your Workplace Wellness Program

Kick Start your Wellness Program

There is a lot of thought around why workplace wellness programs are essential for a business for its overall growth. But everything has been from the employees’ point of view as to why is it necessary and why it should be done? But for a company with no experience in the area, it might become a little difficult to implement the program with no prior knowledge.

Workplace wellness programs, today, have become an area of significant interest with almost every other company opting to have one. Millennials, too, prefer companies that offer few or more wellness programs and are likely to recommend them more.

But for company’s which don’t have the required infrastructure or the necessary training, implementing a wellness program might become a little intimidating. So, here we have listed a few ways that might help you in getting your wellness program kick-started

Outsource your wellness program to a third-party vendor

If you don’t have an in-house wellness expert, fear not, you can outsource to third party wellness companies that specialize in implementing wellness programs for organizations. If money is not an issue, hiring a wellness provider would prove to be beneficial in implementation, as they have the necessary know-how. Wellness providers have the required expertise in a variety of wellness services like biometric screening, health risk assessment, wellness tasks, handling logistics, coaching, and so on. You can contact your EAP provider or Benefits Broker for the necessary infrastructure.

Get your in-house wellness provider

Hiring your in-house wellness provider (preferably someone with a corporate wellness certification) will prove to be quite beneficial for your wellness programs as they get to become a part of the organization having an intimate detailed knowledge of the organizations’ culture and what might work best for them. They might not have the same bandwidth and experience as that of a third party wellness company but hiring them would mean an in-house skill expert to take on everything from administration to logistics and everything that would be needed for the successful completion of a wellness program.

Go manageable by associating with flexible partners

Want to get started with a wellness program but don’t have the budget to go for a full-time in-house provider or a third-party vendor, you can go ahead with flexible providers that take in responsibilities according to your demands and charge accordingly. These providers can draft out of the box challenges or customized services according to your needs. They also handle administration by offering the necessary infrastructure or can help integrate other third party wellness programs that you are offering and provide end-user support to your employees. Best part? You can choose how much you wish to be involved in the process by hiring these flexible providers.

A satisfied workforce and a healthy work culture work as a secret sauce for the success of any business. Employees are one of the most significant assets, and investing in their wellbeing will produce corresponding results. According to researches, every dollar spent on the employee wellness program reaps an ROI thrice the investment.

Truworth Wellness is committed to a work culture inclusive and blissful for all. If you wish to hire a wellness provider, let us assist in your wellness program, through our line of diligent experts.

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