5 Ways To Spice Up Your Wellness Program

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Wellness Program

Let’s face it. With time everything can get boring. The best way to deal with that lull in your wellness program is by deliberately making your program exciting and fresh.

Here are few strategies you can follow to make your employee wellness program more fun and interesting.

1. Organise New Events

Avoid falling into the trap of organizing the same events over and over again. While events like healthy potluck, walking meeting are great, they can be overused. Try integrating some of the true and tried classics with more innovative wellness events.

2. Find Your Wellness Champions

There are individuals in your organization that has found success with your employee wellness program. Even if they seem like a minority, they’re still present.  Reach these people, know how they’ve used your wellness program and spread their word.

3. Promote And Deliver The Benefits

If employees fail to understand how your wellness activities will going to benefit them, they’ll undoubtedly lose interest. Try to actively communicate and promote and about the wellness activities you offer, and to include those activities that interest your employees and work as a great option for them.

4. Rise Beyond Physical Health

Talking about the same exercise tips and diet plans can get old and boring. Try to blend some more holistic health information into your employee wellness program. That could include financial health, mental health, or whatever your employees might require.

5. Celebrate And Enjoy Success

Try not to make your employee wellness program completely about “what still needs to be done”. Blend rewards and celebrations for milestones achieved by your employees. That way they’ll always have something exciting to look forward to throughout the wellness regime.


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