What is Pre-Employment Health Check Up and its Benefits

Pre-employment health check of employees is a necessary step of any organization that benefits both employee & employer. This step is conducted by companies during the hiring process after the interview is taken and job offer is confirmed.

What does Pre-employment health checks Include?

Pre-employment health check includes the basic health screening & investigation according the work responsibilities described in the job profile. It ensures that employee is medically fit to perform workplace tasks and duties required for the employment. It may consist of following medical tests depending upon the type of company and job responsibility:

  • Complete physical check up
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood group
  • Cholesterol level
  • Kidney examination
  • Liver examination
  • X-ray of chest
  • ECG

What is the cost of Pre-employment health screening?

The cost of pre-employment health screening varies from basic to a detailed medical tests as decided by the company. Generally an employee with a basic job responsibilities undergoes for a basic health check up and it will cost very much basic. Employers maintain a list of specific medical tests for specific job profiles in advance. At the time of hiring, the employees are shortlisted for the medical examination as per their job profile.

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What are the Benefits of Pre-employment health check up?

Being an important part of recruitment process, Pre-employment health check  is generally ignored by the companies.  Overall recruitment is not a matter of  talented and skilled people now a days when being healthy and fit has become a big challenge for employees. It needs to be given more value while recruiting any candidate as the medical cost of employee also impacts the company’s revenue in long run. Let’s see below some of the benefits of pre-employment health check of employees in an organization:

Maintain Workplace Safety

Many times if an employee is suffering from a infectious disease, joins any organization is likely to pass on the disease to other co-workers who works close to him. In the same way if an employee has joined any new organization, is likely to be seized in a disease if he comes in contact of a co-worker who has not gone for pre-employment health check up. So pre-employment health screening helps avoiding the contagious disease spread across the organization.

Managed Health Record

With pre-employment health screening, companies can have a strong basics of maintaining the updated health record of their employees. They will have the existing medical condition of the employees available in advance which might impact the workplace culture negatively otherwise if pre-screening wouldn’t take place. Employees with this health screening are less likely to get come in contact with any health risk.

Lowered Medical Reimbursement Cost to Employer

The cost of medical treatment is increasing day by day so the health of employees is going to be a big concern for the companies in future. There are many organizations who provide partial or full medical reimbursement to their employees. Pre-screening is proved to be very beneficial for employers when employees are assessed & reported any health risk before gets recruited.

Ensures Productivity & Engagement

Conducting pre-employment health screening of employees ensures that the new employees who are going to join the organization are free from any medical complication which could have negatively impacted their workplace engagement and productivity after getting employed. Employee health and fitness directly impacts the work efficiency and productivity at the workplace so investing in pre-employment health screening must be a part of recruitment process of the organizations.


Employee health check ups must be taken as one of the crucial responsibilities by the companies in order to support their people and creating a healthy culture in the workplace.  Truworth Wellness has designed all kind of corporate health check packages which are personalized according to the company’s requirement.

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