Workforce Transformation: Ways the Workforce Will Change in 2020

How the Workforce will Transform in 2020

The people working in the corporate sector have changed in many ways that are beyond the imagination of the employers. The revolutionization of digital media and internet availability have made companies easy to hire people across the globe as technology has made employees work from any part of the world. This has also upgraded the old HR processes of hiring and managing employees.

The world is entering the new year 2020, business owners of different industries are anticipating more changes to take place in the newer generation workforce of the new decade. Here are some predictions from the experienced industry leaders on how the workforce will change in 2020.

Remote Work Possibilities

As technology advances, it is not necessary for employees to present at the work location for performing their work duties. The workforce has now understood the way the world is changing and started preferring flexibility in their working hours. Many business leaders have also accepted the flexibility in the working hours in order to improve engagement and productivity of employees. As an employer, you must support health & well-being for remote employees

Increased Harness of AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) industry will continue to evolve and affect the business & HR processes. The younger generation workforce will love incorporating AI as one of the preferred tools to carry out work responsibilities.

More Focus on the Mental Health

Mental health plays an important role along with physical fitness in the corporate sector. Companies have observed a better outcome from mentally fit employees as compared to the ones who are stressed or have one or more mental health issues in the workplace. Business leaders have predicted more and more organizations will realise the importance of mental health in the workplace in terms of healthcare cost and business productivity.

Four Days Workweek

Microsoft has successfully experimented the four days workweek in the Japan office during summers. Still, this step is predicted to remain in the experimental phase by other large scale organizations in 2020 before accepting it as a part of employee benefits policy.

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is a sign of business growth. After the digital revolution, remote work culture is being adopted by many large and mid-scale organizations. This opens up opportunities for people from different origins to become a part of the company. As more and more people from diverse backgrounds start associating the company, it will make a huge impact in terms of how the communication will take place within the internal business modules. The diversified workforce will also contribute towards presenting a different brand image of the organizations. 

Emphasis on an Improved Physical Workplace Environment

In 2020, companies are expected to increase focus on enhancing physical workplace elements to improve the mental health of employees that will, in turn, enhance business outcomes. The workforce of the younger generation will go for the environmental-friendly workplace that utilizes less paper and plastic. Many corporate leaders have taken initiatives to save the planet from global warming and started modifying their workplaces accordingly. The efforts to change the workplace elements will continue to evolve at a rapid pace during the next decade.

Here at Truworth Wellness, we have evolved with time and will continue to transform our future corporate wellness strategies in 2020 to entertain the needs of the next-generation workforce.

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