Workplace Elements to Enhance the Mental Well-Being of your Employees

Employees spend most of their day at their workspace, so how you design your office will have a significant impact on the overall mindset of your employees, affecting their productivity either positively or negatively, and consequently affecting your company’s bottom line. Keeping the mental health of your employees, in mind, is not a luxury but rather a necessity if you seek to retain the talent, and further the growth of your business. A work culture that harbors well-being, per se, initiates a culture of satisfied employees, boosting the morale and overall growth of the company.

In this article, we list the factors you should keep in mind while designing your workplace that supports employees’ mental health.

Workplace Elements to Enhance Mental Well-Being of Employees

Natural light

According to a study by Harvard, basics like good air quality and comfortable lights matters more to the employees over perks like onsite gyms, standing desks, etc., that most companies invest in, with a whopping 58% and 50% voting in favor of the basic perks, respectively.

Natural light wards off depression, improving your mood, overall health, and your sleep cycle. You can couple the light with some green space to witness a staggering improvement in the overall emotional and mental health of your employees. Also, if natural light doesn’t seem to be an option, try switching your fluorescent bulbs with natural light bulbs. Read more on how lightening effects workplace productivity.

Fresh and clean air

According to the survey, 58% of the respondents claimed that fresh, clean, and allergen-free air is what they wanted that would improve their overall wellbeing. Make sure that your workspace has adequate air quality for the overall general health of your employees. Learn how to improve the indoor air quality of the workplace.

Comfortable temperature

According to the survey, only 1 in 3 respondents claimed that their office temperature was ideal, with 1/3rd wanting the access or ability to adjust the temperatures accordingly. Nearly ½ wanted an app that will let them set temperature in their workplace.

Some quiet around

More than 1/3rd of those surveyed revealed that noise pollution was a major distraction, affecting their ability to concentrate. Typing on keyboards, phones ringing, activities of the colleagues, etc. served as major distractions affecting the concentration of the employees. Companies, nowadays, are going for open spaces to encourage collaborations and make it a more comfortable and informal space to work in, however, balance is the key. A quiet room or corner can serve as the much-needed break from the mayhem around, letting employees work without any interruption.

Physical activity

Companies that offer perks like onsite gyms or walking trails help employees stay fit, making them healthier and eventually more productive. A sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc., and perks like these let employees get up from their desk to do some activity. You can also run a walking competition through step challenge app in the workplace to engage your workforce in physical activity.

A mixed workspace

People who work for you are individuals with different tastes and inclinations, and a one size fits all approach might not work for everyone. A workplace encouraging diverse environments like a quiet corner, social areas, meditation room, onsite gyms or club, spaces with or without technology, etc., can work well, offering diverse options to the employees. It will render multiple benefits like enhancing their productivity, fighting isolation, and will align well with their everyday inclinations and moods.

Wellness is a comprehensive concept constituting not just physical wellness, companies that invest in the mental wellbeing of their employees eventually tread towards a path of immaculate goodwill and a content workforce. You may be interested in finding out the ways to identify mental health issues in the workplace.

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