What Should A Workplace Healthy Eating Program Focus On?

healthy eating program

Workplaces that seek to initiate a healthy eating program for its employees should ensure that the available selections like, vending machines or cafeterias offer some healthy options in the first place.

The program must include the ensuing options enumerated underneath to make it comprehensive and in accordance with the needs of the users-

  • Takeaways to encourage them to make wholesome food choices while preparing meals.
  • Recommend a sample shopping list and the food choices that can be prepared out of it, spanning a week.
  • Provide information regarding making healthful choices during leisure activities or excursions.
  • Aid employees in comprehending food labels.
  • Offer cooking tips to help prepare healthy meals.
  • Summon an expert to a ‘lunch-n-learn’ gathering.
  • Organize “theme” weeks, months as required.
  • Stock- up to the vending machines with some healthy and nutritious options.
  • An on-site cafeteria must be provided with a different variety of healthy food options that employees can enjoy.
  • Have a microwave and refrigerator at the workplace so employees can carry healthy meals from their home.
  • When drinks or meals are offered during meetings, make sure that healthy options are offered.
  • Provide people some or the other way by which they can share their health recipes with their co-workers. It can be either by posters in the cafeteria, e-mails or Intranet.
  • Offer information regarding how to utilize ingredients that are low-fat in their favorite recipes.
  • A potluck lunch must be organized at work for the employees that features healthy food options.
  • Set a goal for the entire week, such as:
    • I will have 7 vegetables or fruits every day.
    • I will not miss breakfast in the morning.
    • I will have fruit every day.


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