3 Workplace Wellness Statistics Every Employer Should Know

Workplace Wellness Statistics

1. Corporate Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health Behaviors

The soul of every great wellness program is “behavior change”. With the right motivation, skill, education, tools, and social support, people tend to change behaviors.  Wellness programs are excellent at helping people maintain and adopt behaviors.  This is conceivably the biggest advantage of having a workplace wellness program.

Healthy behaviors drive lower health risks, and lower health risks result in less chronic disease.  Ultimately, with less chronic disease employees have decreased health care costs.

2. Corporate Wellness Programs Decrease Elevated Health Risks

The base of any good workplace wellness program must be focused on supporting employees embrace healthy behaviors. High blood cholesterol levels, elevated blood glucose or high blood pressure all these are majorly caused due to lack of physical activity and unhealthy diets. Healthy eating and exercising regularly Eating are behaviors. When you switch to a healthy diet, get active,  as well as avoid tobacco, good things begin to happen.

3. Corporate Wellness Programs Enhances Productivity

Reduced employee productivity can be explained as being physically at work but practically “not working”. This sort of reduced productivity is known as Presenteeism. It is estimated that the total cost associated with presenteeism because of poor employee health is at least 2 times greater as compared to direct health care expenses. While the supposed cost of presenteeism dwarfs the cost of health care, it does not hold the equivalent level of scrutiny among employers preoccupied with checking the direct costs of decreased employee health.

There are numerous reasons why employees show decreased productivity at work. They may not understand how to use a certain equipment, they might be tired or distracted by fellow employees. Yet, poor health remains one of the major causes of presenteeism at work.

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