Health Risk Assessment

Our Global Health Risk Assessment (HRA) collects information from individuals in a systematic manner and evaluates their health risks as well as quality of life. After the Health Risk Assessment, the individual gets a comprehensive report, which includes personalized feedback and recommendations on how to control their health risks.

Our Health Risk Assessment methodology is simple yet effective.
scale HRA
Provide a snapshot of current health status and enable to monitor health status over time.
Provide concrete information preparing them for lifestyle change by involving health coaching.
Provide important information concerning readiness to change.
Help measure & monitor population health status to build results-oriented health promotion programmes
Provide productivity information allowing evaluation of changes in health behaviour and risks over time.
Engage both - Organizations and Individuals in the health management process.

The HRA covers details such as,

  • Demographics like Age, Gender, and Ethnicity etc.
  • Dietary Information like number of meals, meal patterns and food items consumed, eating outside, observing fasts etc.
  • Social Lifestyle Habits like Exercise, Smoking, and Alcohol consumption.
  • Personal Health History and Prevalence of Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases or weight management issues in the family.
  • Health Vitals – Weight, Height, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol etc.
  • Perception towards healthy and wellness as well as readiness to change along with personal motivational factors (Getting in better shape than your new neighbor or fitting in that little black dress for your cousin’s wedding!!)