Helpline Services

Medical Helpline

Our team of dedicated doctors and physicians help in providing medical helpline services to your end-users. As a pharmaceutical company, you will be able to generate customer loyalty by providing doctor helpline services to your customers and providing you a touch point with your current customers. This will help you not only in generating repeat purchases but also in getting access to data about your drug’s performance.

The team of medical professionals can also act as Primary Care Physicians by serving as the first contact for the patient with an undiagnosed health concern. The physician will then recommend a drug or another doctor based on patient’s health concern. Thus, helping your patients with other health related concerns beyond the scope of your drug would help you generate high customer loyalty for your brand.

Nutritional Helpline

Similar to our other helpline services, the nutritional helpline enables our team of nutritionists to work closely with your customers in providing assistance with any wellness related inquiries. The nutritionists help the customers in creating actionable steps that will enable them to effectively reach their health goals.

Stress Helpline

We provide the only true 24x7 stress helpline in India. Our Stress Helpline offers to lower stress levels amongst your customers via phone, email, and live chat-counseling sessions.

The program helps the affected in demystifying stress and treat it as a regular issue. Our team of highly qualified clinical psychologists and counselors work with the caller to treat stress, relationship issues, depression, peer conflict management, and other issues that affect their work-life balance. All counseling sessions are confidential. The caller will be speaking to a trained counselor who will listen carefully, and give advice on how to deal with whatever is the cause of stress.