How it Works

How it Works

A large majority of us spend most of our waking hours at work, strapped to our office chair. Your workplace could have a major influence on your health and wellbeing. Simply put, the workplace could make or break your health and wellness for you.

Perhaps this is why so many organizations are actively trying to implement corporate wellness programs for their employees, in order to curtail stress and lower medical costs incurred from managing chronic diseases and stress-related conditions year round. But introducing a wellness program in the office without any prior planning or proper execution will definitely not help an employer get any closer to the goal.

What they need is the expert to step in and provide guidance towards making the workplace healthier. After developing years of experience, we can help achieve this almost effortlessly! We know that simply throwing in a wellness initiative, sugar-dusted with tempting perks and incentives is not going to give any sustainable results.

How it Works
  • Step-1 Launch of
    Awareness Program
  • Step-2 Launch of
    Awareness Platform
  • Step-3 Know Your
    Health vitals
  • Step-4 Know Your
    Health Score
  • Step-5 Personalized
    Wellness Report
  • Step-6 Launch of
    Wellness Calender
  • Step-7 Nutritionist /
    Doctor /
    Stress Counselor
  • Step-8 Wellness
    Engagment Module &
    Mobile App
  • Step-9 Launch of
    Wellness Program
  • Step-10 Condition &

And that’s why we offer a practical, comprehensive, and well-integrated platform that includes an array of tools, programs, and activities guaranteed to benefit employers, employees, their families, and even their friends. Our finely structured, customized plans focus on the 3 essential elements of wellness-

  • Physical: Personal health assessment (PHA) or health risk assessment (HRA), nutritional guidance, diet coaching, exercise coaching, interactive sessions
  • Mental: Personal guidance, psychological counseling, stress management programs
  • Social: Relationship counseling, yoga and meditation sessions

We take employee wellness far beyond the mundane office gym sessions and yearly health checks. What sets us apart is that we don’t view wellness from a 'one-size fits all' type of perspective. We encourage employees to begin their own journey of wellness by encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyles and engaging them in interactive wellness sessions.

We know that narrow-minded programs focused entirely on making people fit and active is not going to help in the long run. So what we help achieve is much larger than that. Our goal focuses on achieving a healthy, lively, and thriving workplace, a place that encourages people to give and feel their best.